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Client Engagement Groups

To empower your people to collaborate meaningfully with your clients and people with lived experience, being able to access a diverse group of willing participants is a challenge that can halt collaboration in its tracks. 


For organisations to truly understand and meet the needs of not just their clients, but other important stakeholders that also operate within the same ecosystem, access is key to embedding this way of working.

Having a structured client engagement strategy with existing engagement groups set up that operate at all levels of your organisation, allows meaningful engagement and consultation.  By being deliberate in your engagement and building long term mutually beneficial relationships, you will move beyond 'tick a box engagements' and onto delivering true consultation, collaboration and co-creation.

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What is it?

The goal of your engagement strategy is to embed shared decision making at all levels within the organisation.  We will help you to set up ongoing engagement groups so that all levels of your organisation have easy access to your consumers and are able to quickly and effectively collaborate.  For example the board, your staff and leaders would be able to collaborate when making decisions, improving services or working on special projects. 


  • Consumer engagement group outline

  • Shared content to encourage highest level of participation

  • Best practice engagement processes

  • Effective and accessible processes that make it easy for your people to collaborate with your clients


  • Relationships with a broad range of consumers

  • Ease of collaboration 

  • Informed decision making

  • Meaningful engagement

  • Shared decision making

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