Episode #6 - How to continuously learn from your clients to create better services
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The Innovate For Impact podcast is for leaders in the social sector who want to create a more innovative and impactful organisation.  Each episode is jam packed with tips on how you can deliver more impact, and we bring you stories from other leaders in the sector that are making a difference.

Dan Bentley and Tracey Newman discuss the ‘insight to action’ process that leaders can set up, to continuously improve their services and deliver a better client experience.

Here's a taste of what Dan & Tracey cover during their conversation

  • Why set up a process like this? What are the benefits?

  • How to integrate your client's voice into every area of the organisation and ensure all of your client data is utilised.

  • Innovative and impactful organizations understand that clients are able to easily leave a review about their experience of the service, they know that they need to be continuously getting better so the clients are consistently wanting to stay with them and leave good reviews about their services.

  • Tracey & Dan take you through the 3 stages of the ‘Insight to Action’ process. Listen, Learn and Deliver.

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