Episode #7 - How to communicate your impact

The Innovate For Impact podcast is for leaders in the social sector who want to create a more innovative and impactful organisation.  Each episode is jam packed with tips on how you can deliver more impact, and we bring you stories from other leaders in the sector that are making a difference.

Alicia Hancock, along with Tracey and Dan discuss the six tips involved in communicating your impact which are; innovating the channels, the importance of setting goals, focusing on the audience, messaging, repetition and the type of content used in a story. 

Here's a taste of what Alicia, Dan, and Tracey cover during their conversation

  • Knowing the outcomes that the organisation wants to achieve, Alicia talks about the ‘who’ factor - the people these organisations want to connect to, become a stakeholder, build a partnership with, etc.

  • A discussion on the benefits of being clear about what your goals are and using the most suitable medium to achieve those goals.

  • The benefits of authentic storytelling and consistency in your messaging. 


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