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Better understand the needs of your donors so you can raise more funds for your cause

A lot of people in the sector are worried about the future of fundraising. As an organisation delivering essential work, it's important that you continue to raise the funds you need, to deliver on your organisation's mission and help the people you care for.


Taking a donor centred approach to your fundraising will give you the best shot at attracting and retaining donors. Finding out what donors truly need and what they think of your current fundraising efforts, will enable you to see what is and isn't working, and prioritise your initiatives that will enhance the experience and bring in more funds.  


We've created a program that is accessible for organisations of all sizes and from all over Australia, no matter the location. This program will help you to understand your donors better than you do today, by teaching you about a tool called a Donor Journey Map.  Donor Journey Maps help you to understand the end to end experience through the eyes of your donors when donating with your organisation.  We empower you by coaching you through how to create your own donor journey map for your organisation.  At the end of the program, you will be clear on what the opportunities are to enhance your donor experience and can make confident decisions around what to focus on for the future to raise more funds.

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Example of a Donor Journey Map

Who should attend?

  • Members of for-purpose organisations that conduct fundraising activity

  • Members of fundraising teams

  • CEO's and Board members


  • Learn about easy to use tools you can use in your organisation to understand your donors better

  • Create your own Donor Journey Map with real insights from your donors, so that you can improve your fundraising

  • Empower yourself or your team to create additional journey maps in future once the course is complete

  • Give your donors a voice to make their donating experience even better

Program Structure

Our approach is about empowering you to make change beyond the training you receive. Each week you will attend a training session with others like you, from similar organisations. Together you will learn the tools and techniques you need to better engage with your donors. On top of the training sessions, you will receive a 1:1 coaching session each week, to guide you through building a journey map for your organisation and how to implement what you learnt into the real world.

Week 1: Define your challenge

Understand what challenges your organisation is facing and choosing what you should map

  • An introduction to Donor Journey Mapping

  • Recieve 1:1 coaching session with our expert coach to help you define your approach

  • Start creating your donor personas and a plan for who you will interview

Week 2 & Week 3: Better understand your donors

Learn how to capture useful insights from your donors

  • Learn and practise interviewing techniques with our easy to use tools 

  • Learn how to pull insights out of the information you captured in your interviews

  • Receive 1:1 coaching on how to best tailor the interview to your organisation's needs

Week 4: Bringing the feedback together to create your own Donor Journey Map

Taking the feedback from your interviews and starting to better understand the end to end experience

  • Understanding what parts of the process your donors do or don't like

  • Uncovering the important moments that matter and pain points in the donor experience

  • Receive 1:1 coaching on how to map the different steps your donors take when making a donation

Week 5: Finalise your Donor Journey Map

Bring all of your insights together into your very own Donor Journey Map

  • Create your own one-page Donor Journey Map to take back and share within your organisation 

  • Understand ways you can get the most value out of your Donor Journey Map post the training

  • Celebrate your graduation!

What participants say


"Through completing the Fundraising For Impact program I learnt interview skills and it gave me the confidence to talk to donors. I now better understand some of the science behind donors and why they donate. I’d recommend this program to others. The course provided sufficient time to understand the content and have a go at producing a Donor Journey Map, and I enjoyed the friendly warm and bubbly style of the presenter."

—  Dione Coleman

Think this sounds like what you need?

Our next intake starts September 29th 2020, with a maximum of 20 participants.

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