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Focus on the needs of your clients or risk becoming irrelevant

Most people will agree with this statement, but few know how to effectively incorporate this change.

Client expectations are changing. Your clients expect your organisation to be more transparent and they're expecting to feel like their needs are understood. Now more than ever, it's easier for them to tell other potential clients what their experience was like with your organisation, or find another service provider that will meet their needs.

Organisations are moving towards being more ‘person centred’, involving their clients or people with lived experience in the design process, rather than having internal staff create the solutions on their behalf. By adopting this approach these organisations are getting better client satisfaction and organisational performance.

Can you relate to....

You have a service that could be done better or a new idea for a service that would enhance the lives of your clients

Are a bit stuck with a problem and aren't sure of the what's the best way forward

Your people are coming to you with problems and instead, you'd like them to innovate and change things

Co-Design is an essential capability that will set you up for success into the future

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The Co-Design process starts with firstly defining what you want to achieve and aligning all of your stakeholders towards this common goal. Then, it's about understanding the unique viewpoints of all of your stakeholders, including those with lived experience and consumers.  You then together generate a heap of new ideas and then create quick and low-cost ways to test these solutions to gain feedback from people in the real world.


Once you land on an approach that works, its time to implement and then continuously refine those ideas based on consumer feedback.  The end product is a superior consumer experience that meets their needs, which in turn will deliver the organisation the impact results its setting out to achieve. 

Who is this web class for?

  • Leaders who are interested in learning more about co-design and how to apply it to their organisation

  • People looking to run their own co-design project

  • People who want to improve their co-design skills

The web class will cover the following

  • An introduction to the Co-Design methodology and how it can be used in the social sector

  • Case studies into how this methodology has been used successfully in this sector 

  • Practical examples of how Co-Design can be applied to your organisation

  • Learning about the basics of key tools and processes

Outcomes for participants

  • How to use Co-Design to improve the lives of your clients

  • How to Co-Design effectively to capture input from groups such as CALD communities and people living with dementia

  • Critical skills needed in the sector, now and into the future 

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Melanie Atkinson
Comms & Employee Engagement Manager

" Very informative. I enjoyed the layout and step-by-step way of implementing co-design. It was simple, very easy to follow and understand. "


Impacto Consulting are creating a healthier, more inclusive and fairer Australia for all

Tracey Newman & Dan Bentley are consultants that specialise in innovation. Working with aged care providers to innovate and create better services for the people they support, to deliver a bigger social impact.

  • They have trained and worked with 100's of aged care and disibility service providers on how to improve their services and tranform their organisations to thrive in the new world

  • They are regular contributors for Pro Bono Australia on innovation in the sector

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