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Creating a Client-Centred Strategy for
Moonee Valley Legal Service

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Project Type:

Client-Centred Strategy Design


Moonee Valley Legal Service


Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

After a year of unprecedented change the team at Mooney Valley Legal Services (MVLS), a not for profit organisation that provides legal services within Victoria’s Moonee Valley region, knew that the people that they provide legal services to were at risk of greater disenfranchisement and disadvantage. The team wanted to ensure that they had a strategy that would both meet the needs of their clients and also set a clear strategic direction for the organisation into the future. They engaged Impacto Consulting to work with them to create a client-centred strategy for the next 3 years to provide insight into the current and emerging needs of the communities they serve, plus structure, prioritisation and clarity of purpose for those that work within the organisation.



Having a rich understanding of what the clients of MVLS need now and into the future was the foundation that the strategy was built on and would guide future action and prioritisation of initiatives. We began by conducting a series of empathy interviews with past MVLS clients, to build awareness of what is important to them.


Next, we facilitated a workshop with the board and key staff from the organisation to share the top insights from the interviews.  The insights gave the staff a good understanding of the role the service plays in the lives of the communities they support and pointed out what was important to their clients, plus also areas where there were unmet needs or opportunities to improve the services.

We ran a series of exercises to look at what was important to the organisation from an internal perspective and then were able to create a shared and balanced understanding of the needs of the organisation and its clients.

We then ran a series of workshops to re-develop the purpose, mission, vision and values of the organisation to ensure they were aligned with their future ambitions. Followed by developing ambitious goals that would encourage innovation and finally, developed and prioritised key initiatives that would deliver on the strategic direction.


Co-creating the strategic plan meant that all members were onboard with the approach and felt they contributed.



  • A clear and well informed strategic direction that has focused the team in the same direction for the next 3 years

  • A richer understanding of their clients needs so that they can shape the future of the organisation with confidence

  • An aligned board and staff that gives the MVLS the ability to focus energy in the right areas at the right time and eliminate conflicting priorities

  • A 3 year client centred strategic plan document that is used to implement the strategy.

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