Episode #40 - What is a technology or change adoption curve?

The Innovate For Impact podcast is for leaders in the social sector who want to create a more innovative and impactful organisation.  Each episode is jam packed with tips on how you can deliver more impact, and we bring you stories from other leaders in the sector that are making a difference.

In this episode, Tracey and Dan explain the technology adoption curve, how it works, its importance, stages, where it should integrate into your decision-making process and everything else you need to know.

Here is a taste of what Tracey and Dan cover in the conversation

  • What is a technology adoption curve?  

  • Why is the technology adoption curve useful?

  • The 5 stages of the technology/change adoption curve: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority, and Laggards

  • How does it work? Where do you lie in the curve? 

  • How can you utilise the basic principles in your work?

  • Examples of how other organisations have used this tool in their work such as Tesla

Links from the episode​

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