Episode #42 - Are you an innovative & impactful organisation or traditional & surviving?

The Innovate For Impact podcast is for leaders in the social sector who want to create a more innovative and impactful organisation.  Each episode is jam packed with tips on how you can deliver more impact, and we bring you stories from other leaders in the sector that are making a difference.

In this episode, Tracey and Dan talk about the two types of organisations that operate in the for-purpose sector, the traditional & surviving organisation vs. the innovative & impactful organisation. They take you through the various characteristics of each organisation, highlighting the crucial areas you should target to improve your impact.

Here is a taste of what Tracey and Dan cover in the conversation

  • What does it mean for an organisation to be traditional & just surviving or innovative & impactful?

  • What defines the two types of organisations in terms of their characteristics and outcomes? How do they behave?

  • The difference between the traditional & just surviving vs. the innovative & impactful organisation.

  • Why do innovative and impactful organisations function better than others?

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