Episode #46 - Prototyping. What is it and when to do it?
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The Innovate For Impact podcast is for leaders in the social sector who want to create a more innovative and impactful organisation.  Each episode is jam packed with tips on how you can deliver more impact, and we bring you stories from other leaders in the sector that are making a difference.

In this episode, Tracey and Dan talk about what prototyping is, how to do it, and how to use it to better execute creative ideas in the environment we work in.

Here is a taste of what Tracey and Dan cover in the conversation

  • What is prototyping, and how can it be used in the sector? 

  • Different types of prototyping: Low fidelity vs High fidelity

  • What benefits does prototyping bring, and when should it be used?

  • Examples of ways they’ve used prototyping on past projects

  • The importance of prototyping and making it accessible in daily life

  • Ways of obtaining feedback from people so that you can easily incorporate it into your creation process

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