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Balancing The Four Essential Elements Required For Innovation

Updated: Jun 28

Recently I was thinking about the importance of balance. Whether it be in our work lives or personal lives, rarely when we see success is it because of doing one thing in isolation. Often, its a combination of several things that work together in order to get the results we desire. 

Social innovation is no different. Across an organisation there is not one process, system or piece of training you can implement that will help you create an innovative and impactful organisation. It requires a variety of factors working together to be truly effective.

In this article I will take you through the 4 areas that the most innovative and impactful organisations in the sector possess that allows them to achieve the outcomes they deliver.

Let's go!

1. Mission Focus

It's important to have a crystal clear organisational mission that everyone understands. It's crucial for leaders to align the whole organisation on where they are headed and why innovation is required to get there. To get people out of their comfort zone and trying new things, you need a reason. Your mission is this reason.

2. Creative Leadership 

Leaders must foster a safe, diverse environment where people feel comfortable experimenting with ideas. Also, both the internal organisation and the external world are rapidly changing, leaders must be flexible and adaptable in their approach in order to be able to navigate and keep the organisation moving forward no matter the challenges.

3. Client Centricity and Collaboration 

The most innovative organisations possess a deep understanding of their clients. Being client-centric provides strategic direction, like a compass. It also requires leaders to have an understanding of the system in which their organisation operates. Collaborating with other organisations working in similar spaces is also important for tackling big issues together rather than with solo solutions.

4. Empowered People 

Leaders need to set up the conditions to empower staff to make change across the organisation. Empowering staff with easy access to tools and resources is a great start for a successful organisation. Without these resources, its very difficult to innovate.

In summary, finding balance across these 4 areas is crucial for innovation, as each area plays its own important role. Innovation requires a focus on mission, creative leadership, client centricity and empowered employees. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, does what was covered resonate with you? Anything that we missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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