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Bringing Your Mission to Life Through Our C.I.A Method

One thing the most innovative organisations have in common is they all have a reason to change, and it comes in the form of a big ambitious goal that they want to achieve. This is known as the organisation’s mission.  However, having a mission isn’t enough, bringing your mission to life from mere words on a page into a dynamic, shared vision for the future that fuels collective action is essential for driving change and delivering meaningful impact. In this article, I'll explore how focusing on our CIA Method (communication, interactions and alignment) can help bring any mission to life within an organisation.

Communication: Communicating your Mission Through Various Channels

The CIA method is a framework we use to identify the opportunities we have within an organisation to bring the mission to life. And first, we start with communication.

Start by taking a look at all the ways your organisation currently communicates. This includes your various official communication channels but also things like newsletters, posters, and team meetings. The key is using these various channels to consistently share your mission in an engaging way. Storytelling is particularly effective for helping people remember the "why" behind the work. The secret is to link change, results and updates to your mission, so that the various messages are all part of one bigger picture and create an easy to follow narrative around the direction you are headed.

Interactions: Connecting Through Meaningful Interactions

In addition to communication, two-way interactions help bring a mission to life. Leaders should look for opportunities during coaching, meetings, and informal chats to connect the dots between an individual's work and how it contributes to the overall goals. Asking follow-up questions can also encourage employees to make these links themselves.

Alignment: Aligning Goals and Rewards

The final piece is ensuring goals, rewards, and recognition at all levels of the organisation are aligned with the mission. Setting measurable but outcome-focused targets will keep everyone moving in the same direction. Informal rewards should also reflect achievements tied to the "why" rather than just task-based metrics.

By harnessing the diverse channels available to us and ensuring that every goal and reward reflects our collective purpose, we pave the way for innovation and impact. Embracing these principles will ensure your people have a reason to innovate and will propel them out of their comfort zones to try new things.

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