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Measurement and Communication of your Mission

Setting ambitious long-term goals for your organisation is an important part of driving real impact and change. However, it's not enough to just announce a goal - you need to effectively measure and communicate your progress along the way to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

In this article, I will explore why tracking progress is crucial when you're working towards a goal that may take years to achieve. It is important to maintain momentum throughout the journey from setting an initial goal to achieving it a decade later. Regular measurement and updates play a pivotal role in keeping everyone engaged and aligned with the progress.

Here are some methods that you can utilise to create and distribute this initial measurement effectively:

Co-Designing Your Framework

This first step is making sure you have the right measurement framework in place. One recommendation that you can consider is by taking a participatory approach and co-designing your metrics with the communities you support. This ensures the framework captures what really matters from their perspectives. It also helps the data collection process run more smoothly down the line.

Leading and Lagging Indicators


Always remember that your framework should incorporate both leading and lagging indicators. Leading metrics show early progress and keep teams motivated in the initial stages before outcomes are visible. Lagging metrics track longer-term impact over time. Both are important for getting a full picture of your work.

Celebrating Small Wins

Breaking progress down into smaller, measurable chunks allows regular celebrations of success. This is key for sustaining momentum on large initiatives that can feel never-ending. Visual tools like a progress "thermometer" help share wins and engage stakeholders in a fun, tangible way.

Communicating Constantly  

Measurement is just half the battle - results need to be communicated clearly and often. Weave progress updates into all leadership discussions to reinforce how daily work ties into the bigger vision. With the right framework and consistent storytelling, any goal can feel achievable through small steps taken together.

Setting ambitious long-term goals is just the beginning of the journey. To ensure success, it's crucial to implement effective measurement and communication strategies. By following the methods above, organisations can maintain momentum and keep everyone engaged in achieving their goals. Now, how will you adapt these strategies to drive progress in your organisation's pursuit of its long-term objectives?

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