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Using Inbox Automation To Free Staff Up For Innovation

We all know that resources are often stretched thin in the not-for-profit world. I often speak to leaders who are either trying to get their staffing levels right, or are wanting to free their people up from repetitive tasks so that they can spend more time on work that adds more value.  One community housing provider found that staff were spending entire days sorting through a never-ending influx of emails. Coxswain Alliance worked with them to implement an email automation solution that has transformed the way they work.

Recently, Tracey and I had the opportunity to talk with Jonathan Clegg and Trevor Harris from Coxswain Alliance and they shared some insights on how they help non-profit organisations free up their people for high value client or innovation work.

How Inbox Automation Works?

Coxswain Alliance have developed a helper, almost like a 24/7 concierge for large inboxes. It is always on 24/7, reading emails, deciding how to act, responding to the sender, and allocating the email to a specific folder for action. Automated responses also reassure tenants help requests have been received. For approvals under a specified amount, the AI can greenlight invoices on its own. These immediate automated responses now reassure clients that issues are being addressed, even when reported outside of business hours. This ability to respond quickly at any time of the day or night, improves the customer experience.

Advanced analytics provided by the software give leadership valuable insights into email trends. This allows them to proactively manage workload, plan for peaks in demand and find opportunities for continuous improvement. With data-driven insights, the organisation is empowered to innovate and improve service over time.

The automation software also prioritises each email.  This feature reduces employee stress by quickly highlighting priority emails amongst the flood. With mundane tasks now handled by AI, the team can focus on more meaningful face-to-face interactions with clients.  The team leader of the community housing provider explained the solution by saying “I have noticed higher productivity from the team and a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the day rather than the dread of still having 100 emails sitting in our inbox.”

Automating repetitive tasks, like email management, can significantly improve efficiency and free up your team for more innovative and meaningful work.  What tasks in your organisation could be automated to give your team more time for impactful work?

If your not-for-profit needs to free people up for higher value work, contact Impacto Consulting or Coxswain Alliance to discuss inbox automation solutions. 

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