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After speaking to hundreds of leaders in the social sector, we’ve seen the things that ‘break through’ and lead to success.  In this webinar, you will learn the 4 key areas that get results, which will allow you to ‘clear the clutter’ and lead a transformation to create the type of organisation you want. An organisation that is innovative and delivers BIG on social impact.

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Organisations are moving towards being more ‘person centred’, involving their clients or people with lived experience in the design process.  This webinar is for leaders within the social sector who are interested in learning about innovative collaboration tools like Co-Design to help increase their organisation's social impact.
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The Social Innovator Essentials training course gives you the skills you need to solve complex problems and to be a social innovation leader. We have pulled together the best practice tools and methodologies from around the world, to equip you with what you need to achieve the results you want in your chosen area of impact.
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Innovation doesn't have to be an expensive, time-consuming or complex process!
In this panel discussion, we chat to three not for profit CEOs and senior leaders who are sky-rocketing their projects’ impact by creating a culture of innovation.

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Tracey Newman & Dan Bentley from Impacto Consulting partner with Pro Bono Australia to deliver this webinar that teaches you how you can create your own Client Journey Map to improve your services.  
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"Technology is just a vehicle – it’s not the answer. The most innovative solutions we see these days are ideas that have been designed with the user experience in mind," writes Dan Bentley, director of Impacto Consulting.
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Dan Bentley from Impacto Consulting speaks about the top tips from a recent panel discussion Impacto held with Pro Bono Australia and 3 Australian not for profit CEOs and senior leaders.
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Tracey Newman & Dan Bentley from Impacto Consulting are interviewed by Pro Bono Australia to discuss why Co-Design is the future of social impact and innovation in the sector.
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Dan Bentley from Impacto Consulting joins Alecia Hancock from Hancock Creative on the Change The World Podcast, to talk about his top tips on how to better understand what people want and to design better solutions to meet their needs.

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