The Innovate For Impact Self Assessment
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So you want to understand how you can make your organisation even more innovative and impactful?

After speaking to hundreds of leaders in the social sector, we’ve seen the things that break through and lead to success.  There are 4 key areas that get results, which will allow you to ‘clear the clutter’ and lead a transformation to create the type of organisation you want. An organisation that is innovative and delivers BIG on social impact.

Take our 5 minute self assessment to understand how you score. 

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A detailed report emailed to your inbox, outlining your strengths and opportunities

Suggested practical actions for your organisation's unique scenario

Access to a heap of free resources to improve your score

The 4 Principles
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Having a unified and aligned strategic direction, that drives the board and your people towards the achievement of ambitious goals, that will deliver on your mission.

  • Clients and important stakeholders are involved in the creation of your strategic plan

  • The entire organisation knows how you are progressing towards the achievement of your goals

  • Embedded in how you work, so your mission, values and purpose are brought to life

  • Ambitious goals that inspire and capture the hearts and minds of your people

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Building a team of creative leaders that are flexible and adaptive, that will foster creativity in your organisation and bring your vision, mission and ‘why' to life

  • Leaders are role models for creativity 

  • See failure as learning and are supported to try new things

  • Adaptive and flexible leadership style

  • Leader brings values, mission and the ‘why’ to life

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Service users, clients and people with lived experience are given input into decisions at all levels of the organisation. Clients are able to have their needs met with services that support them to achieve their goals. 

  • Regular routines that collect and act on feedback from clients 

  • Hire people with the right attributes to deliver quality services and understand client needs

  • Have systems and processes that support the delivery of a good client experience

  • An awareness of and willingness to share decision-making power with clients

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Giving your people the resources they need to innovate, such as training, tools, and creating a process that prioritises initiatives and enables changes to be made in high-impact areas.

  • People are able to change things for the better

  • Innovation and collaboration are supported by systems and processes

  • Teams are taught innovation and collaboration techniques

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Discover how innovative your organisation is
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