About Us

Impacto Consulting was founded in 2018 when friends and long time colleagues Tracey and Dan realised that there was an opportunity to deliver more accessible and relevant innovation skills to the sector.

We specialise in innovation for the social sector, and we are best known for our work with aged care and disability service providers. Our programs take the organisations we work with from being traditional and surviving to innovative and impactful.  Setting up all the right conditions for innovation and bringing the voice of clients into decision making at all levels of the organisation.

Our goal is to equip organisations with the tools they need to solve the challenges they face, and improve their client experience.  We feel by bringing the voice of lived experience into decision making at all levels of organisations, we will create a healthier, more inclusive and fairer Australia for all.


Our team is made up of a network of experienced senior leaders with skills in organisational strategy, client experience strategy, service design, co-design, operations, leadership, innovation program management, building capability and improving organisational culture.

"We are passionate about creating a healthier, more inclusive and fairer Australia for all"

Meet The Team

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Tracey Newman

Co-Founder & Director

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Dan Bentley

Co-Founder & Director

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We work with a network of purpose-driven specialists around Australia who know the sector and are motivated to create a better tomorrow.

Why Work With Us?

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For The Sector

We understand your organisation's needs and have an understanding of the social challenges in Australia. We also keep our services accessible

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For Collaboration

Co-design is our default way of working, as solutions that involve all stakeholders have a bigger impact and give you confidence in your decision making

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Our team is made up of people with hands on experience leading organisations. Meaning we have  been there before, and aren’t purely career consultants or academics