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Helping Anglicare Southern Queensland
Deliver Client-Centred Innovations

Project Type:

Innovate For Impact Workshop


Anglicare Southern Queensland​


Brisbane, Queensland. Australia


Anglicare Southern Queensland held a leadership retreat on November 30, 2022. The intent of the retreat was to build a plan for the next year, with a focus on client-centred innovation and how they can incorporate some of these ideas into their planning.

They asked Impacto Consulting to facilitate a workshop as part of their leadership retreat, to help participants to better understand client-centred innovation and how it can be embedded into the way the team work. They were looking for us to deliver an enhanced understanding of client-centred innovation, fresh ideas or new ways of doing things, and tangible actions that can be incorporated into their planning.

"Great content, relevant, delivered well. We also walked out with some plans in place and a direction to take - not just the training content/info"



Before the workshop, we ran our 'innovate for impact self assessment' across their 41 senior leaders, to gain a benchmark of where they were at today for client-centric innovation.


We then ran a full day face to face workshop in Queensland.  The first half of the workshop focused on getting everyone on the same page with what client-centric innovation is, and we shared the 4 best practice areas of our 'innovate for impact framework', which were brought to life with various models and videos from leaders across the sector who do these things well.


After lunch, we then moved to sharing the survey results, and from there, built a shared understanding of where Anglicare SQ were at, where they need to head and what obstacles might be in the way. We coached and guided their leaders through the activities, until finally each department delivered a series of actions they were committing to take to their operations plan for the next year.

"Impacto were engaging and really challenging, in a good way. They used humour and helped me rethink innovation.  It's been the best workshop Anglicare has outsourced so far"



All 4 departments across Anglicare Southern Queensland added new actions to their operational plans that they are confident will create a more client-centred environment and deliver more impact to the people they support.  The team also now have a framework they can utilise to continue to grow and become more innovative over the coming years.

Post the workshop, when we asked participants about the value of the workshop;

- 100% of participants felt the workshop's content was practical and implementable in their work

- 93% of participants felt the workshop enhanced their understanding of what being client-centric looked like in practice

- 93% of participants felt the workshop gave them fresh ideas or new ways of doing things

- 93% of participants were
 confident or highly confident that the workshop will help them become more innovative

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