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Helping The Cancer Care Centre Make
Important Strategic Decisions For Their Future

Project Type:

Strategy Design


Cancer Care Centre


Adelaide, South Australia. Australia

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The Cancer Care Centre is a community based organisation providing complementary care services in the support of people affected by cancer. 

In 2020 they were in a position where they needed to make some decisions around the future of the organisation to ensure it could continue to provide its critical services to people in the area. 

They asked us to help them to co-create a strategic plan with their board and employees, to get everyone aligned and moving in the same direction. This meant as a team making important decisions on the short and long term future of the centre, and developing actions that would take them from where they were to where they wanted to go.

"Our experience was positive from the very beginning, they were amazingly flexible, approachable, and helped a new Board in setting strategic goals for the Centre’s future directions. Members were highly engaged throughout the whole process, and the output was owned by all."



Firstly, we met with the chairperson to get an understanding of the challenges the organisation was facing and the dynamics of the team.


Using that information, we designed and facilitated a series of workshops. To firstly understand from all perspectives a clear and shared view of where they were at that point, using all sorts of data sources and input from workshop participants to show a complete picture of their currently reality. We then worked with the team to develop a series of ambitious goals that would encourage innovation and get them where they needed to go.


Next, we then worked to align the team by re-developing the organisation's purpose, mission, vision and values to ensure they were aligned with their future ambitions. Followed by developing and prioritising key initiatives that would deliver on the strategic direction.

We then ran a further workshop to build out a plan to operationalise these initiatives with clear owners and timeframes.


We delivered back a clear, easy to understand document that summarised all the decisions that were made, along with a detailed plan on how they were going to bring these initiatives to life.


Co-creating the strategic plan meant that all members were onboard with the approach and felt they contributed.

"I highly recommend the services of Impacto to help develop and simplify complex strategic planning concepts, for any organisation that is looking to challenge the norm in setting a new strategic direction."


  • An aligned board and staff that gave the Cancer Care Centre the ability to focus their resources in the right areas at the right time and eliminate conflicting priorities

  • A 3 year strategic plan that enabled them to be clear in their direction and accountabilities, and has stood the test of time

  • Measurable results that show the benefit of the work being performed across the organisation

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