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Helping UN Women Australia to better understand and improve their supporter experience

Project Type:

Journey Mapping


UN Women Australia



UN Women AU - Donor Journey Map - Final.png

Working in close consultation with community leaders and governments, UN Women collects and disseminates evidence to shape effective policies and programs. To support them in this important work they encourage donors to partner with them to improve the lives of women and girls in over 100 countries across the world. With a foundation of successful partnerships they understood the benefits and wanted to bring this approach to understand more about the experience of their donors, especially through the lens of how they have been impacted by Covid-19.


They engaged Impacto Consulting to create a journey map, to map the experience of their donors, so that they could get a better understanding of their needs and improve the experience for all of their supporters.


To ensure that there was an adequate representation of the different types of people that support UN Women Australia, we started this project by working with UN Women Australia to create donor personas, which are a way to represent the different types of supporters they have. We used data from their existing donor support list to understand the key supporter types, and then we approached representatives from each of these groups to be involved in the project.


After conducting a series of empathy interviews, we built an understanding of the different stages that were common to these donors, what truly mattered to them and any pain points that existed in their experiences.



  • We provided UN Women Australia with a clear donor journey map, that accurately showed the entire experience for their different donors on one page

  • Seeing the experience in its entirety made it easier for staff to understand the donor experience and use this data for more effective decision making

  • The new insights enabled UN Women Australia to ask the right questions and make the right changes to the way that they work, to deliver an even better experience to their donors and improve their fundraising outcomes

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