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Looking To Get More Impact Out Of Your Programs And Services?

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Solve a problem you haven't been able to solve

Deliver a better experience to the people you support

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Get better outcomes from your programs and services

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Save resources by building what people need

The Problems That Need Solving Will Be Solved Through Collaboration

Co-design is a collaborative process where solutions are designed together WITH the community and important stakeholders. 

It's a methodology that is being tied to funding and standards, because it works.

Partner with us to guide you through running your own Co-Design projects.


How We Run Our Projects

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Our projects have 5 distinct phases, that ensure that we set each project up for success and we can measure the impact we deliver.  Ensuring you get a return on your investment in working with us.

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  • Define and frame the problem

  • Set up of regular communication / meeting routines

  • Stakeholder mapping for inclusion, to maximise participation and remove power dynamics

We work with you to uncover the right problems to solve, and how to set up your co-design project for success

  • Consultation around how to best include the voices of all stakeholders

  • Design and facilitation of Co-design methods

  • Working together to pull insights out of the stories shared

  • Deciding on the top areas to focus on for ideation

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Understanding the unique perspectives of all stakeholders involved in the system in which the program or service operates

  • Co-creating new ideas

  • What makes a good idea? The success criteria 

  • Prototyping for services, programs, strategy and policy

  • Testing the prototypes to gain important feedback

Co-creating solutions and prototypes to test the new ideas with others not involved in the project

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  • Considering important factors before implementation such as any gaps, the unique value proposition and risk mitigation

  • Creating a concept on a page

  • Building an implementation plan to ensure you stay on track

Further developing the tested concepts and implementing them into your organisation

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Evaluation and continual improvement of what has been created 

  • Using developmental evaluation techniques to measure success and further areas for improvement 

  • Co-designing your evaluation framework together

  • Implementing routines that ensure you continuously learn and improve what has been created

Accessible Co-Design Projects Tailored For Social Problems

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Accessible pricing starting at $10,689, with the average project cost being $25,916.

Built for the Social Sector. We understand the context of the work you do.

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We build capacity whilst you work with us, rather than taking it with us when we leave.

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Enquire About Co-Designing
A Project Solution With you

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Call Dan on:

(+61) 0432 369 282

or fill out the form below, and we will contact you with 24 hours

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