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Delivering great client experiences takes more than having a big heart

Delivering a great client experience is important for any organisation. And having a big heart is an essential element to deliver a great client experience but it doesn't necessarily lead to it.

So, what else do you think you need to deliver great client experiences?

1. Ability to be flexible

What you consider as a good service can be different to what other people value as good service. When senior leadership teams discuss service experiences, they often debate whether individuals want to be quick when dealing with your organisation or if they want to create a relationship. The reality is different types of consumers and clients can want either of those experiences or both. It's about being adaptive, and it is about tailoring the way you deliver your service. So, make sure people have the ability to be flexible.

2. Good service design

Create design elements that will work for the majority of people in different cases to make things easier. Service design from the client’s perspective will help you have more consistent and positive client experiences. If your service design is right, you are more likely to get the service delivery right. Even when designed well it's important to keep updating the service as if you find better ways to work or if it's no longer meeting your client's needs. Change those things and re-educate your workforce about the new way. Showing people best practices is important to make it easier for them to be successful.

3. Client experience training

Giving people client experience training or tools to provide a good experience is critical. Leaders and frontline staff who are dealing with clients are expected to be able to handle compliance and diffuse difficult situations. There are ways to help somebody feel more heard, ways to be better at listening, and ways to handle someone's complaint. These skills are not something that everybody can just master straight off the street and into your organisation. So, giving people the training and the skills to be able to do that is critical.

4. The right way to respond to our clients

Nobody cares which department or team is responsible for a mishap. They just want you to understand what went wrong and resolve it. Your clients just want to be heard, feel valued and want to know that you've taken the feedback on board. When you provide the level of detail and respond to them in a way that gives them the confidence that you understand what happened and you are taking reasonable steps to resolve their issue you can not just re-build that relationship but often enhance it.

5. Hiring people with the right attributes

If you're hiring for a position that requires a lot of communication, you'll need to find people with the necessary traits to complete the job. For example, people who are naturally good communicators. If you hire someone who isn't a great communicator or doesn't like to collaborate with others, changing that and getting them to be able to do so is going to be hard. So, look at the attributes that they have and the skills and the capability that they enjoy demonstrating in their day-to-day work.

So in addition to hiring people with big hearts, if you also design services that make it easy for them to know what's expected, provide training so that everyone knows what a great experience looks like and learns the skills that facilitate collaboration, you will be well on your way to transforming into a client-centered organisation.

Now all that there is left to do is to share stories of all of the great client experiences and celebrate together.

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