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Co-designing the Stroke Foundation's Lived Experience Advisory Group's ways of working

Project Type:

Co-design Project


The Stroke Foundation


Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

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The Stroke Foundation is a national charity that partners with the community to prevent, treat and beat stroke.  They deliver resources to survivors of stroke and their families to improve recovery.  This project worked with adult survivors and parents of childhood stroke, to develop resources tailored to the needs they identify. 


The broader project to deliver the resources will span over the period of three-years. They asked Impacto Consulting to conduct a series of workshops with their Childhood Stroke Lived Experience Advisory Group (LEAG) to co-design a set of project goals, a vision and mission for the working group, prioritisation of the key focus areas, and an agreed co-design approach for the development of the resources over the three-year period. 

“Hearing survivors tell their stories and parents learning from their insight was powerful to

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Together with the Lived Experience Action Group and Stroke Foundation staff, we ran three-workshops.

Workshop-one, was an online workshop, where we discussed the project objectives and captured what the group wanted to achieve.

In the second workshop, we established the four project goals and created a project vision and mission.  We also provided the participants with training materials to learn more about different co-design methods they could use.

The third workshop was face-to-face in Melbourne,  where together the group built co-design principles and ways of working. The principles and approach were to be used for later co-designing the resources aimed at assisting childhood stroke survivors and their families after stroke.  The group also created a method for prioritising the future initiatives for the longer term project.

In parallel, we circulated a survey to a broader stakeholder group to understand the needs of childhood stroke survivors, their families, friends, and medical practitioners. The survey captured the barriers these stakeholders experienced, how they currently sourced assistance, and their preferred resource format. This information enabled the Lived Experience Action Group to understand the needs of the broader community and include them in the initiatives created and prioritisation during the face-to-face workshop.

“Worked well with creating an environment where everyone was comfortable and feels
more of a united team by the end."



  • Co-creation of a set of project goals, vision and mission

  • A clear co-designed project process, with prioritisation of areas of need to inform focus for resource development

  • Participants of the workshops felt equal, engaged, connected, supported, and working together.  

  • Participants learnt more about the Co-design process, which has removed the ‘us and them’ between staff and people with lived experience.

  • The project has successfully achieved its objectives and set the Lived Experience Action Group up for success to deliver tailored support to childhood stroke survivors and their families.

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