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Innovate For Impact


Challenges You Are Likely Facing

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You are stuck where you are. Your organisation isn't having the impact it needs to have

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Your leaders are overloaded with the day to day and aren't focused on longer term initiatives

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You're juggling too many different priorities and your leaders are finding it hard to make it all work

Hear About How We Helped Anglicare Southern Queensland

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Align their leaders on what client-centric innovation is

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Gain a benchmark and uncover areas for improvement

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Implement a plan to become more innovative & impactful


You Need Our
Innovate For Impact Workshop


Get your senior leaders unstuck from juggling the day to day and focus them on the 4 principles that create the most innovative and impactful organisations.

  • Survey your leadership team on the 4 principles

  • Gain a benchmark of your strengths and opportunities by department

  • Tailored content to help you improve your results

Pre-workshop assessment to create an innovation benchmark

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  • Case studies to learn from the leaders of the sector's most innovative organisations

  • Practical exercises to build understanding and new ideas

  • Reviewing of your survey results as a team

Training on the 4 essential principles for innovative and impactful organisations

  • Exploring where you are today and setting goals

  • Uncovering obstacles and discuss how they can be removed

  • Building a plan to move forward

Building a plan to implement the initiatives that'll get you the best results

  • Re-survey your team to gain a new benchmark

  • Review of benchmark results and action plans from original workshop

  • Guidance to improve your results

Post workshop session - 6 months after

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Innovate For Impact Workshop Options

This workshop is best held in-person and includes all of the below options.
Up to 50 of your most senior leaders can attend and complete the benchmarking survey.

Training On The 4 Essential Principles

Give your leadership team training on the 4 essential principles the most innovative and impactful organisations follow.

$5,566 (incl GST)

Pre-Workshop Innovation Benchmark Assessment

Survey up to 50 people across your organisation to gain a benchmark on your innovation capability and focus.

+$3,676 (incl GST)

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Building The Plan & 6 Month Post Workshop Session

Optional second part of the workshop where we guide your teams to take what they learnt in the training and build a plan to implement it.

+$2,834 (incl GST)

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Results We Get From Participants


said they are confident the workshop will help them become more innovative 


said the content was practical and implementable 

Enquire About Creating
A Workshop Solution For you

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Call Dan on:

(+61) 0432 369 282

or fill out the form below, and we will contact you with 24 hours

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