We innovate with For-Purpose organisations to deliver BIG on social impact.

Deeply understand the people you care for and co-create solutions that make their world a better place.

Built for this sector, we understand your needs and ensure innovation is accessible for not for profits, social enterprises and government.

Recent Projects

What we do


Build your understanding of what the people you care for truly need., and better understand the complex social systems that you operate in.​​

  • Research & Evaluation

  • Donor & Client Journey Mapping

  • System Mapping


Create Person-Centred innovations that involve all of your key stakeholders to deliver greater social impact​.

  • Co-Design

  • Human-Centred Design

  • Organisational Strategy


Empower your organisation to implement social innovation tools and create a culture of innovation.

  • Training 

  • Keynote speeches

  • Culture change & embedment

What our Customers say

"Impacto helped Djurens Rätt (Sweden's largest animal rights organization) with several projects, including a way to make our volunteer process more efficient. I was most impressed with the way Daniel understood the issues we needed help with and how he was able to quickly put together a clear project plan. He worked very independently and never failed to report on the progress as the project moved forward. We also appreciated the way he included both members of our staff and volunteers in the process to be able to get the best and most practical ideas for the project."

- Moa Ranum

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