Want to deliver BIG on your mission and increase your organisation's social impact?

We are consultants that specialise in innovation for not for profits, social enterprise and government.

We are best known for our work with disability and aged care service providers, where we have trained and delivered projects that deliver better outcomes for their clients and solve the social problems that allow them to deliver on their organisation's mission. 

We often see


Services that aren't making the difference in your clients lives, that they need to


Frustrated leaders that want their people to proactively solve problems rather than bringing the problem to them


Leaders that aren't delivering on their mission and aren't making fast enough progress in solving the problem

The solution

Our specialty is in transforming organisations into innovative and impactful organisations that use best practice social innovation techniques, to deliver better services to meet their needs.  We give you the confidence to implement the right solutions that'll make a difference, and we empower your staff to be able to innovate into the future so that you create sustainable outcomes for your organisation.

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What We Do

Create Innovative & Impactful Organisations

Our programs transform your organisation so that you deliver better client experiences and increase your social impact. We help your teams to become mission focused, develop leaders that foster creativity, make it easy for you to understand the deliver on the needs of your clients and empower your people so they can do their best work. 

Deliver Social Impact Through Innovation Projects

Got a service that can be done better, or a problem you don't know how to solve? Let us work with you to solve it! Our projects use innovative tools such as Co-design to understand what your clients really need and we can work with you to build new solutions that will deliver a greater social impact. 

Discover how innovative your organisation is
and increase your ability to deliver
social impact

What Our Customers Say
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"From our initial consultation, Dan listened to and quickly grasped the unique needs of our organisation. He and Tracey together tailored the project design and goals to fit, so that we would gain the most benefit from our time together. Now we have new insights to enable us to ask the right questions, make changes to the way we work, and improve our donor communications. It was a pleasure to work with Impacto Consulting and I would recommend them to any organisation that wants to optimise the way it connects with its supporters."


- Janelle Weissman