Person-centred innovation that delivers BIG on social impact

Looking to create a more
innovative & impactful organisation?

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Increasing Expectations

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Policy & Legislation

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The sector is going through unprecedented change

The sector is being disrupted by change and organisations that have traditionally been successful are finding it difficult to survive. 


These changes are moving organisations towards being more person-centred in their approach to service delivery and to deliver more measurable impact.

Internally focused and slow moving organisations that can't manage change are struggling to keep up and often are finding themselves stuck where they are, even though their leaders know they need to change.

Are you feeling?

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Stuck where you are,
you know you need to improve your services but it's difficult to change

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Overloaded, you're being asked to create more impact with less resources

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Juggling too much change at once and are overwhelmed with priorities

Want to go from 'traditional & surviving' to 'innovative & impactful?'

We are consultants that specialise in innovation for not for profits, social enterprise and government.

Our programs create person-centered organisations that deliver BIG on impact. And...

  • Give you the confidence to move forward

  • Do more with less

  • Take control of your priorities

  • We've trained and worked with 100's senior leaders on how to improve their services and transform their organisations to thrive in the new world

  • We are the hosts of the #1 Apple Podcast for not for profits in Australia
    'The innovate for impact podcast' 


Want to learn more?

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Our Weekly Podcast 

'The innovate for impact podcast' is for busy leaders in the sector who want to create a more innovative & impactful organisation.

Each week we provide tips on how you can create the right environment for innovation, and also speak to leaders in the sector to share best practice.

Our Free Weekly Web Classes

Each week we share our experience via our 2 very popular web classes 'An Introduction To Co-design For The Social Sector' and 'How To Create An Innovative & Impactful Organisation'

No sales pitches, just helpful content to provide value to leaders and help us to create a more innovative & impactful sector.


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We create
innovative & impactful organisations

Our programs transform your organisation so that you deliver better client experiences and increase your impact. 
Helping you to maximise your outcomes by implementing best practice methods to deliver on your mission and create measurable impact for the people you support.

Types of organisations we've worked with
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What Our Customers Say
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"From our initial consultation, Dan listened to and quickly grasped the unique needs of our organisation. He and Tracey together tailored the project design and goals to fit, so that we would gain the most benefit from our time together. Now we have new insights to enable us to ask the right questions, make changes to the way we work, and improve our donor communications. It was a pleasure to work with Impacto Consulting and I would recommend them to any organisation that wants to optimise the way it connects with its supporters."
- Janelle Weissman