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Challenges You Are Likely Facing

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Funders are expecting more impact for their $ spent, and are asking for evidence based &
co-designed solutions

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The longer your organisation is not truly understanding the needs of its clients, the faster it is becoming irrelevant 

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Service levels aren’t being met, the client experience isn’t where it should be and the dial isn’t shifting on social problems 

What Our Program Does For You

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Solves complex social problems, improves your client experience and delivers more impact from your programs and services

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Creates a truly collaborative organisation, that delivers the right outcomes for your clients

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Empowers your team, so you can oversee multiple projects at once, allowing you to have a bigger impact in your work

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Amplifies the voice of people with lived experience and provides input into decision making at all levels of your organisation

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Builds a community of like minded people that support collaboration and enable you to change the culture

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Transforms your organisation and creates a legacy far beyond your tenure in the role

You Might Be Finding That...

Legal Advice

You have tried to get others on board...

But others aren't as 'on board' or as passionate as you are. You expect that this way of working makes sense for everyone, but you’ve learnt it doesn’t.

You have tried to lead by example...

And this has resulted in colleagues agreeing with these ways of working in principle, but when it comes to the crunch, they are still working in traditional ways.

Business strategy

You have offered your support on projects...

And this has at resulted in you running the whole project, or getting frustrated that stakeholders are ‘ticking boxes’ and already have solutions in mind.

You have created resources...

But this has resulted in a whole heap of really good resources not being used as much as they could be. Which feels like a waste of your time and resources. 

Photographing proofs and inspirations

Stop Being Frustrated That Others
"Just Don't Get it "

As an empathetic person with experience in seeing the success collaboration brings, you really believe that all organisations should already be working in this way.

To you, it seems like an absolute “no brainer” and the right thing to do!

But so many others in your organisation find it easier to work in traditional and non collaborative ways. 

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You Need Our Co-Design For Impact Training Program

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Our program that can be delivered in-person or online, does the heavy work for you of changing the mindset of people in your organisation around Co-design, and gives them easy ways they can incorporate it into their day to day work. 

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  • How to define and frame a problem

  • What is a Wicked Problem?

  • Systems thinking​​

  • Designing for inclusion: power dynamics and participation

Learn how to uncover the right problems to solve, and how to set up your co-design project for success

  • How to best include the voices of all stakeholders

  • Interviewing, workshopping and other popular techniques

  • How to work together to pull insights out of your stories

  • How to select the top areas to focus on for ideation

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Learn how to understand the unique perspectives of all stakeholders 

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  • How to ideate and co-create new ideas

  • What makes a good idea? Learn the success criteria 

  • How to prototype for services, programs, strategy and policy

  • How to test your prototypes to gain important feedback

Learn how to co-create, prototype and test new ideas to solve problems and meet the needs of all stakeholders

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  • Learn the consideration factors before implementation such as gaps, the unique value proposition and risk mitigation

  • How to create a concept on a page

  • Building an implementation plan to ensure you stay on track

Learn what to do once you have co-designed your new concepts. Learn how to bring them to life and implement them

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  • How to use developmental evaluation techniques to measure success and further areas for improvement 

  • How to co-design your evaluation framework together

  • How to implement routines that ensure you continuously learn and improve what you've created

Learn how to evaluate and continually improve what you've created 

What You Get With 
Co-Design For Impact Training 

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We co-design the training with you to link it to your strategy and culture

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Tailored content that
is relevant to the type of work
you do

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Best practice content

that allows you to stay at the cutting edge 

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A workbook that guides participants to run or participate in co-design projects

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Practical exercises to practice methods in a safe & fun environment

Co-Design For Impact
Training Options

Intro To

Perfect solution for executives and other leaders who need to lead in an organisation using co-design​


  • What is co-design? 

  • Co-design benefits

  • Linked to mission & strategy

  • Overview of methods

  • Case study examples


$6,265 (incl GST)

Co-Design For Impact


Perfect solution for people who need to know how to lead co-design projects

  • What is co-design? 

  • Co-design benefits

  • Linked to mission & strategy

  • Overview of methods

  • Case study examples

+    Exercises on popular methods

+    Co-design project workbook

+    Training implementation plan

+    1 hour share back session


$10,689 (incl GST)

Coaching & Guidance Add On

Add 1:1 or group coaching for all participants to implement Co-design into their work

+$1,450 (incl GST)

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“It’s great training to get practical strategies on where to start with co-design, where to go next and how to finish.

I got a lot out of it.”

- Participant


"It demystifies co-design by focusing on very concrete and practical actions.  Encourages a co-design mind-set more broadly."

- Participant

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“A really good session summarising how to develop a project and undertake effective co-design. Workbook is an excellent resource”

- Participant

What Participants Say

Results We Get From Participants


say that they would recommend this training to others like them


say that they are confident to implement what they learnt 

Enquire About Co-Designing
A Training Solution With you

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Call Dan on:

(+61) 0432 369 282

or fill out the form below, and we will contact you with 24 hours

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