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What does it take to create an
adaptable and collaborative organisation?


When we talk about innovation in the social sector, we are not talking about nice to have, 'pie in the sky' ideas. We are talking about ideas that solve real problems, deliver impact and are practical to implement.  In this space, innovation is not a nice to have, its critical work that ensures the survival and relevancy of our organisations, so that we can continue to deliver the programs and services the people that we support need.

The world is rapidly changing and the problem is, so many organisations in the social sector are under-resourced and are so busy with the day to day, that they aren't working on improving what they do and solving the big problems the people they support face.  Often treading water, rather than adapting to the changing world and moving forward.

Unfortunately, continuing to work in this way has real consequences. The longer we work around problems and don't adapt our approach, the faster we are on the road to becoming irrelevant and put at risk our funding and the impact we have on the people we support.


Organisations that thrive in this new world are adaptable, innovative and can clearly measure their impact.  This webinar will help you to bridge the gap between being being a traditional & just surviving organisation, and becoming more innovative & impactful.

Training designed for
CEO's & Senior Leaders of Not For Profits

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"The webinar really helped me to think deeply about the 4 principles of what makes an innovative and impactful organisation. It was full of helpful information and practical tips.

I would definitely recommend that leaders attend the webinar. I would say that it’s an hour out of your week to stop, pause and really consider how your organisation can be more innovative and impactful. It was a great motivator for me to take my learnings to my leadership team and create a broader conversation."

Tanya Hendry
Director Of Operations

What you will get out of watching

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An understanding of the top 4 and best practice areas that the most innovative and impactful organisations in the social sector focus on to get the best results

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Actions you can implement in your organisation to make it even more innovative, even if you are currently overloaded and juggling too much change

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Inspiration and motivation for doing things differently, after hearing stories and case studies from other organisations who are innovating in similar environments to you

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Time and space to reflect on where your organisation is at today, and clarity and confidence to move forward beyond the webinar

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A common language you can talk to your people about post the webinar, to give your change efforts structure and make them easy to communicate

Learn the 4 areas the most innovative & impactful organisations in the sector focus on to achieve the best impact outcomes

Many leaders within the sector are constantly dealing with multiple high stake and often competing priorities. After working with 100's of organisations in the sector, we've developed 4 key principles that 'cut through the clutter' and ensure your organisation is set up to deliver maximum impact ​.

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Having a unified and aligned strategic direction, that drives your board and your people towards the achievement of ambitious goals, that will deliver on your mission.​

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Building a team of creative leaders that are flexible and adaptive, that will foster creativity in your organisation and bring your vision, mission and ‘why' to life ​

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Service users, clients and people with lived experience are given input into decisions at all levels of the organisation. Clients are able to have their needs met with services that support them to achieve their goals. ​

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Giving your people the resources they need to innovate, such as training, tools, and creating a process that prioritises initiatives and enables changes to be made in high-impact areas.​

At the end of the webinar you'll have the opportunity to complete the
'Innovate For Impact Assessment Tool',
which provides you with the key areas to focus on to increase your impact, and provides tailored tips on what to do next.


Impacto Consulting are creating a healthier, more inclusive and fairer Australia for all

Tracey Newman & Dan Bentley are consultants who specialise in innovation. Working with not for profits, social enterprise and government departments to innovate and create better services for the people they support, that deliver more impact.

  • They have trained and worked with 100's of not for profits on how to improve their services and transform their organisations to become more innovative & impactful.

  • They are regular contributors for Pro Bono Australia on innovation in the sector and the co-hosts of the #1 not for profit podcast in Australia Innovate For Impact.

  • This webinar has been running for the past 2 years with 100's of leaders attending this webinar, with excellent feedback from those that have attended.


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and Owners of the lands in which we work and live on across Australia. We recognise that sovereignty over the land was never ceded and we pay our respects to Elders of the past, present and emerging. 

©2023 impacto consulting

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