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1 Hour


Become an innovative organisation that is changing the lives of your clients and delivering BIG on social impact!

Impacto Consulting are creating a healthier, more inclusive and fairer Australia for all

Tracey Newman & Dan Bentley are consultants that specialise in innovation. Working with not for profits, social enterprise and government departments to innovate and create better services for the people they support, which delivers a bigger social impact.

  • They have trained and worked with 100's of aged care and disibility service providers on how to improve their services and tranform their organisations to thrive in the new world

  • They are regular contributors for Pro Bono Australia on innovation in the sector

Can you relate to....

You are overloaded with priorities, so are trying to do more with less and are finding it hard to deliver greater impact for your clients whilst maintaining the day-to-day 

You are feeling stuck, you really care for your clients but there are elements of your services that just aren't delivering the impact you know they could.

You are finding it difficult to consistently meet your objectives or deliver on your organisation’s mission

You are juggling priorities as you try to respond to all of the requirements brought on by the outcomes of the aged care and disability royal commissions

You have a team that is coming to you with problems and instead, you'd like them to innovate and change things

Are you ready to transform your organisation from 'traditional & just surviving'
to 'innovative & impactful?'

Many leaders within the sector are constantly dealing with multiple high stake and often competing priorities. After working with 100's of organisations in the sector, we've developed 4 key principles that 'cut through the clutter' and ensure your organisation is set up to deliver maximum impact ​.

Having a unified and aligned strategic direction, that drives your board and your people towards the achievement of ambitious goals, that will deliver on your mission.

Building a team of creative leaders that are flexible and adaptive, that will foster creativity in your organisation and bring your vision, mission and ‘why' to life

Service users, clients and people with lived experience are given input into decisions at all levels of the organisation. Clients are able to have their needs met with services that support them to achieve their goals. 

Giving your people the resources they need to innovate, such as training, tools, and creating a process that prioritises initiatives and enables changes to be made in high-impact areas.

At the end of the webclass you'll have the opportunity to complete the 'Innovative & Impactful Organisation Assessment Tool', which provides you with the key areas to focus on to increase your impact, and provides tailored tips on what to do next.

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