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How anyone can innovate for impact?

Updated: Apr 26

In today's fast-paced world, innovation is crucial for organisations to survive and achieve meaningful impact. However, innovation can sometimes be thought of as something that is for senior leaders and dedicated innovation teams. In this article, I'll discuss how anyone, regardless of role, can help cultivate a culture of innovation from within.

Understanding the Mission

The first step is gaining a deep understanding of your organisation's mission and goals. Take time to fully comprehend what the organisation is trying to achieve and why. Ask yourself how your daily work directly supports and advances the mission. This will give you direction on where innovation is most needed.

It's also important to ensure the projects and activities you take on are truly mission-critical. With limited resources, prioritising initiatives that are directly aligned with the big goal is key. Protecting dedicated time on your calendar for strategic innovation will help drive progress.

Creative Leadership

Leadership is not only for those in leadership positions within an organisation. We can all demonstrate creative leadership in our own way. View challenges and perceived "failures" as opportunities to learn and improve. Lead by example through your approach to problem-solving - look beyond the status quo for innovative solutions.

Schedule dedicated time for strategic thinking and innovation work. Value that time like its a meeting with your one up manager, that cannot be moved or changed unless absolutely necessary. 

Understanding and Collaborating with Clients to Drive Impact

Gaining a deep understanding of client and stakeholder needs through research, frontline interactions, and feedback allows for truly impactful work. Seek feedback regularly and proactively use it to continuously enhance services and outcomes.

Look for allies across teams and departments to collaborate with on co-designing innovative solutions. With a collaborative, client-centric approach you can work together to solve problems in new ways.

Empowering yourself and others

Developing an open, growth-oriented mindset is key to empowering innovation from within. Embrace opportunities to expand your knowledge and strengthen skills through learning. View mistakes not as failures, but chances to improve.

Share improvements and modifications you make to tools and resources so the whole organisation can benefit. With the right enabling mindset, anyone has power to help cultivate an environment where innovation thrives.

By focusing on mission, demonstrating leadership, understanding clients, and cultivating the right mindset, individuals from all roles can make meaningful impact through driving innovation from within their organisation. Impact starts from each small action - so what will you do to help your organisation succeed?

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