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2 x 3.5 Hour

$699 AUD
Per Person

To Solve The Problems Our Communities Face, We Need To Innovate Through Collaboration


The world is changing.  Your clients are expecting your organisation to collaborate and innovate to better meet their needs. Whilst as a society, in recent times we have made fantastic progress on a number of social issues, the problems of the future that are yet to be solved, are complex in their nature and require us to act and think differently from what we have in the past. These problems are often wicked problems that require collaboration, strategic thinking and clever design that takes into account the impact to the wider systems that your organisation operates in.


Our 'Co-Design For Impact' training gives you the skills to bring the voice of your clients into your decision-making to create better solutions that meet their needs.  We have pulled together the best practice tools and methodologies from around the world, to equip you with what you need to deliver more impact.

Alongside Co-design, we cover essential methodologies such as systems thinking, wicked problems, implementation, planning and evaluation techniques. 


Upon completion of the training, you will leave with a solid understanding of the different concepts and an action plan for the first steps of implementing these tools into your work.

Our next program is on 

Thursday 18th of April, 2024.  9am - 5pm AEST.

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Training Made For Both Practitioners And Leaders Of
For-Purpose Organisations

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You want to lead or participate in

Co-design projects

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You want new ideas or to deepen your understanding of Co-design tools

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You want to learn what Co-design can do for your organisation

What Past Participants Say...


Merri Health

“It’s great training to get practical strategies on where to start with co-design, where to go next and how to finish (i.e. beginning to end). I got a lot out of it.”

What You Get Out Of Attending

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An in-depth understanding of the key Co-design methods you need to know, to create meaningful change in your work

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Confidence to run your own or to participate in Co-design activities via our safe and practical exercises, delivered in a comfortable learning environment

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 Meet and network with other practitioners and leaders from across the social sector who are also passionate about collaboration and innovation

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New ideas for how you can implement Co-design across your organisation and ways you can embed it into your culture as a way of working

Topics Covered In Our Co-Design For Impact
Training Program

Our approach is about empowering you to make change beyond the training you receive. You will attend the training session with others like you, from similar organisations. Together you will learn the tools and techniques you need to innovate in the social sector. At the end of the session you will walk out with a plan on how you can implement these tools into your work.

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Our online program will help you to understand how to Co-design, and gives you easy ways you can incorporate what you learn into your day to day work. It provides you with easy to use and best practice tools. 

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Understand the steps to take to uncover the right problems to solve and how to set up your co-design project for success

  • How to define and frame a problem

  • What is a Wicked Problem?

  • Systems thinking​​

  • Designing for inclusion: power dynamics and participation

Learn how to build a shared understanding from the perspectives of all stakeholders, through storytelling and sharing experiences

  • How to best share the voice of the people you support and understand their true needs 

  • Interviewing, workshopping and other popular techniques

  • How to work together to pull insights out of your stories

  • How to select the top areas to focus on for ideation

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Learn how to co-create, prototype and test new ideas to solve problems and meet the needs of all stakeholders

  • How to ideate and co-create new ideas

  • What makes a good idea? Learn the criteria that will ensure success

  • How to prototype for services, programs, strategy and policy ideas

  • How to test your prototypes to gain important feedback on your ideas

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What to do once you have co-designed your new ideas. Learn how to bring them to life and implement them

  • Learn the factors that need to be considered before implementation such as gaps, the unique value proposition and risk mitigation

  • How to create a concept on a page

  • Building an implementation plan to ensure you stay on track

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Learn how to evaluate and continually improve what you've created

  • How to use developmental evaluation techniques to measure success and further areas for improvement 

  • How to co-design your evaluation framework together

  • How to implement routines that ensure you continuously learn and improve what you've created

PLUS, The Co-design Workbook

Packed with all the best practice worksheets and guidance you need to be able to run your own Co-design projects

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Think This Sounds Like What You Need?

Our next program is on 

Thursday 18th of April, 2024.

9am - 5pm AEST.

To secure your spot click the button below!

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